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Yes, I’m coining my own hashtag just for this post. #tb2014 (but yeah, a quick search shows that many, many others are already using this tag, so whatever)….
Myka and Me (Five Months)

To the women in my life

To the women in my life, my child, my wife Mother, Father gave me no better advice
Hands full

Hands full

It feels like I’ve been going nonstop over the last week with the newest addition to the family. Being our first, she’s been a lot to get used…
Butterfly at Butterflies Alive! exhibit

Butterflies Alive!

I recently had the pleasure of checking out the Butterflies Alive! exhibit at the Lubbock Science Spectrum and, while I can’t say I was blown away with the…
Butterflies Alive! at the Science Spectrum

Science Spectrum Butterflies Alive Exhibit

Two of my photos have been selected for use in the Lubbock Science Spectrum’s new exhibit, Butterflies Alive! Being from Houston, you start to take things like butterflies…