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Flying on silent wings

Flying on silent wings

Have you ever asked yourself, “What did the military use before they had helicopters?” Me neither. After some initial research, I discovered that helicopters haven’t always existed. (I…
Sunset Over Tyler Tech

Sunset over Tyler Tech

I witnessed an amazing sunset the other night behind the Tyler Technologies building while I was out for a walk. There was a storm brewing which made for…
Carnival of Madness Pano 2

Carnival of Madness

This past Friday the Carnival of Madness tour rolled through town with a stop at the Lubbock Events Center. Though Evanescence was the headliner, I was really anticipating…
Reflections of Reality Outtake 1

Reflections of Reality Outtakes

Here are a couple more outtakes from my reflections of reality walk the other day. I flipped them to make the effect a bit trippier. If I had…
Reflections of Reality

Reflections of Reality

This was just a bit of fun. While walking around last night I noticed huge puddles of water flowing through the complex, so I thought I’d follow them…
4th of July - 2

Fireworks – First Attempt

Having never shot fireworks before (at least with a DSLR), I didn’t have super high expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised with how well my first attempt went….