BCParks-20120915-Capture0011Like it did with so many others, photography started out merely as a childhood hobby for Brian. A way to pass the time and waste his allowance developing pictures of the ground or of his shoes (most of the time both of these things). His first camera was a Leica and his photos were magnificent. Just kidding. His first camera was a cheap, plastic, 110 camera. But he pretended that it was a Leica.

That’s not true either (he didn’t even know what a Leica was at that point and still only pretends to now). Either way, he shot the hell out of that plastic piece of crap. And the results? Magical.

Not magical in the traditional sense of the word, but magical in a way only a child could appreciate (they were pretty horrible by most standards). He was hooked! There would be distractions along the way; drawing, girls, Warcraft back in the dialup modem days, playing guitar in a high school rock band (that suuuuuuuucked), girls, writing, college, etc. But it always came back to photography.

With his dad’s trusty Konica T4 in tow, he entered the 35mm film world and ran off to explore it with gusto (much to the chagrin of his friends, family, pets, acquaintances, enemies, and random passersby).

Ten thousand shots later, Brian shelved the film cameras and entered a new realm: digital. After all, film and developing are pricey for someone who hasn’t learned how to more carefully craft his shots. (And thanks to digital, now he’ll never have to!)

And so the adventures rages on! Photography continues to challenge and amaze him (he’s easily entertained), a medium in which he “continually finds himself pushing the boundaries by exploring new techniques.” (I was told to add in that last part word-for-word.)

Brian is also a huge dork who loves talking about himself in the third person whenever he can.