Thank you for your patience!


Remaining Tasks: Pack & prep for shipping.

2020-10-28: Paint touch-ups and resealing.

2020-10-27: Gauntlet sculpting, painting, and sealing.

2020-10-26: Stage 3 assembly of heads.

2020-10-25: Paint touch-ups to heads. Creation of custom-painted stands.

2020-10-24: Completion of weapons/accessories painting and sealing.


2020-10-23: Stage 2 assembly of arms, shells, and harnesses complete.

2020-10-18: Leg sculpts have been completed (articulation has not been impeded), painted, and sealed. Weapons and accessories painting/modification is in progress.

2020-10-15: Six shell sculpts have been painted and sealed.

2020-10-14: Started leg sculpts. Suits, jackets, and hoods are all painted and sealed.

2020-10-05: Shell sculpts are underway. Custom nunchuks are also in progress.

2020-10-03: Heads have been painted and sealed. Preliminary assembly begins. Painting on suits, jackets, and hoods begins.

2020-10-02: Appendages have now all been painted and sealed.

2020-09-29: Shell undercoats and accessory painting begins. Busy acquiring base figures still.

2020-09-25: Disassembly of turtle and Ronin figures commences. Painting of appendages begins.