This past Friday the Carnival of Madness tour rolled through town with a stop at the Lubbock Events Center. Though Evanescence was the headliner, I was really anticipating seeing Chevelle and a group I’d only just started listening to, Halestorm. I missed the first two openers, Cavo and New Medicine, though I heard good things about them.

Chevelle didn’t disappoint! Despite hitting some technical issues with the guitar setup midway through (in which I was really hoping for a kick-ass bass/drum combo jam), they managed to put on one of the more impressive rock performances I’ve seen out of a trio. In my opinion, their performance was more powerful than Evanescence (Amy Lee’s vocals seemed drowned out for the most part by the four-piece and various synth orchestrations backing her up).

Unfortunately, after much internal debate I decided to leave my trusted D90 at home, having anticipated both problems at the security check and an imminent rainstorm (that never materialized). That left me with one option: a lowly camera phone.

Despite being pretty bummed about having only my iPhone on hand, I managed to get a few good panos out of it as the sun set. I forget how good the image quality is from the iPhone, and the HDR function seems to grab an impressive amount of detail from the scene.

Carnival of Madness Pano 1

Carnival of Madness Pano 2