So I’ve got this box. I love this box. Bought it at an antique store in… I don’t remember, but it turns out that it’s an old munitions box from who-knows-when.

For as long as I’ve owned it, sadly I’ve had no idea what to do with it.  It’s not really functional in regards to its original use (I don’t have many munitions), and it’s too heavy to use as a wallet. What to do???

I know.

click for larger version

And there you have it. I finally found a use for the box (and the mysterious contents that travel within).

This is another experiment from my garage studio. It seemed pretty simple in my head (what does that say about me?), but evolved into a more complicated setup to get the right kind of glow from the box. I still wouldn’t say I nailed that whole Pulp Fiction glowing briefcase effect, but I ran out of time (more like lost track of it completely). Maybe I’ll give it another go if anyone has any suggestions on how to effect the glow (the glow flow!).

Raiders setup
Ignore the bicycle. It wasn’t a crucial part of the shoot (this time).

I snapped a photo of my setup. Okay, so it looks a lot more complex than it really is (half of the stuff in the photo is just crap that was in my garage already). Although, the vacuum could’ve come in handy, as the floor of my garage is pretty dusty.

This was my first time shooting tethered with Lightroom (which worked pretty flawlessly), though I’ve have to invest in a longer USB cable next time to avoid tripping over it and killing Mr. Stay Puft (my laptop, not the actual Mr. Stay Puft). Remotely operating the shutter meant I never had to leave my place behind the box (except to adjust the setting on my camera thirty times). Like I said, flawless.

I ended up having to line the box with aluminum foil with my SB800 sitting on top to get a nice, even glow. Then I set up my SB600 behind me to throw some light around me (and then the reflector above my head dumped some light onto the top of my hat and the front of the box).