The courthouse in Roswell, NM was (sadly) one of the most interesting things about the city. I, of course, was imagining a place where little green men run loose on the streets instead of being locked up in underground facilities. Oh well. Aside from a few kitschy alien-inspired gift shops and the random UFO floating around (not literally), there isn’t much to see. Even the restaurant we picked didn’t have a UFO theme to it (and, we later discovered, wasn’t even exclusive to Roswell).

It was a rather stormy night (had to pack up shortly after taking these shots because of the rain) with some rather nasty blueish-gray clouds rolling overhead. The blue hue combined with the orange of the lamps made this one a particularly difficult HDR to process, as the sky didn’t want to play nice with the other elements. That’s probably why I’ve had this one sitting on the shelf for awhile. I reprocessed it last night to better results, but it’s still not one I’m 100% happy with.

Roswell Courthouse by Lamp Light
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