February 5, 2013

The Harbinger movie has a screenwriter… and it’s not me

Shocking, I know. Dark Horizons reported yesterday that the screenwriter of the acclaimed Texas Chainsaw 3D will be penning the script for the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Valiant Comic‘s Harbinger title. Harbinger was a comic series back in the early ’90s about teens coping with new found abilities. I absolutely loved the original comic (they’ve recently resurrected it, though I have yet to check out this new incarnation), though with shows like Heroes and last year’s movie Chronicle, it seemed like the topic had pretty much been covered. But superhero movies in general are still big money-makers, and Harbinger still has a lot to offer, so I guess it’s not too surprising.Read More

February 22, 2011

Bidding F4rewell

A few milestone events in my life over the past weekend, one of which was my teary-eyed farewell to the film format.

Okay, I do still have a holga in my trunk, but that’s already been promised to someone else and shouldn’t really count.

My days of shooting and (eek!) developing film are now a thing of the past. I just sold my Nikon F4 to a nice young photography student who will no doubt get many more miles out of her.

So here’s to a new era! It’s all digital now (and no turning back!).