shutter speed

December 23, 2012

The unboxing! Nikon D600 review…

So here it is at last, the unboxing and early review of Nikon’s newest model and most affordable full frame camera, the D600. Serving as a bridge between the pro shooter and “pro-sumer,” the D600 includes many of the features from the more expensive D800 all packed into the body of a D7000.Read More

September 5, 2012

I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed…

Tracking a moving object to create motion blur of the background is really something I’d never really tried out before, so it was great to finally have the chance to do some experimentation at Dave’s Need 4 Speed in Lubbock. It was tricky nailing down the best aperture and shutter speed settings while following these little blurs around the racetrack, but I finally got a few that looked decent.Read More