May 3, 2013

When you and I were young

First of all, happy early birthday, Red. Sorry I can’t be there (*sad face*).

That being said, I’ve got a special present for you! It started a few months ago when I got the itch to play some guitar (which, though a rare occurrence, is still something I can’t ignore). I started off re-learning songs I used to know long ago, but somewhere along the way I thought it’d be a cool idea to record a song with your name in the title. This turned out to be a loftier mission than expected (seems there aren’t many to choose from aside from Rod Stewart’s song and a few others).Read More

July 2, 2012

Joseph Washington to play Fort Hood Freedom Fest

A while back I had the pleasure of photographing singer/songwriter Joseph Washington for some promos he was working up for Veteran’s Day.

It was an impromptu shoot that we threw together in just a few minutes after hours, but it was for a good cause. Joseph was promoting his new single “We Thank You.”Read More