April 26, 2013

Clamshell portrait

I recently read in a magazine about a lighting setup called the “clamshell” where the subject is lit from the front by two softboxes (one larger one up high and a smaller one set lower to half power) and a reflector right above the subject.

Seemed simple enough. I didn’t have any softboxes, but eh, I improvised. Lending out some of my lightstands and gear to a friend for a shoot, I was pretty limited, but still had one lightstand with an umbrella, a Lumiquest 80/20, small tri-grip reflector, and two speedlights. Yeah, that should work…Read More

June 9, 2012

Black Smoke Monster

So, huge plumes of black smoke might not be what most people expect or want to see when they come to the airport, but it’s apparently a very common occurrence at the LIA.

We drove up and thought the airport was on fire, but it turns out they were just doing (literal) fire drills.Read More