Come check out some of my photos at the Glassy Alley Art Studio & Gallery on March 1st. I’ll be showing some canvas and metal prints with a travel and adventure theme (okay, mostly travel with a hint of adventure).

This marks my first (and hopefully not last) time participating in the First Friday Art Trail, so I’m pretty excited. Some might say I’m even going a little overboard with the preparations…

Glassy Alley Exhibition during First Friday Art Trail in March
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For more information, check out my facebook page or click the picture to the right!

(My good friend Max McDonald will also be showing there, so kill two birds with one stone and drop by!)


The show went well last Friday! Didn’t sell anything, but I met a lot of people and got a lot of great compliments. Here are a few pictures I snapped at the show (mostly of the back of peoples heads!):