For our first year anniversary, my wife took me out for a picnic and to take photos at the Spirit Ranch here in Lubbock. Though it’s located mere minutes outside of town, the entire area is lined with enormous trees and really feels much more secluded and serene than you would think possible.

Walking the grounds we came upon a group of peacocks (which I now know is called a muster), none of which seemed particularly frightened of us. Soon, we were surrounded by fowl!

Okay, so there were only three or four, but as I sat crouched in the grass shooting away, I began to wonder what it must be like for the birds. Are they as intrigued by our presence? Are humans as strange and exotic? Probably not, but it inspired me to create an image that conveyed that sense of reciprocated wonder. They’re watching us as we’re watching them and filled with equal amounts of wonder.

Through our first year together we have seen and done so much already, and it’s nice to take the time to get away and reflect on everything we have (especially considering the life-changing event looming in our near future).

Who knows what wonders we will behold with the arrival of the new year…

To have and to behold
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