First off, let me say that I am not a hiker. That being said, I will occasionally break out the sneakers and walk a trail or two. Luckily, I had some free time during my recent trip to Scottsdale to do just that. Scaling Mummy Mountain gave me a great view of the JW Marriott Camelback Inn and Camelback Mountain.

I hung out for awhile to catch what little I could of the sunset from my vantage point. Having missed quite a spectacular Arizona sunset the night before, I was determined to shoot one before I left. Unfortunately, the sunset this evening held only a fraction of the extravagance from the night before. But we do what we can, so I set up the tripod and started shooting away.

I bracketed shots of three for later conversion to HDR and ended up with a total of 18 exposures to create this panoramic. Clicking on the tiny image below will give a (slightly) expanded view, and below that is a short video showing a left-to-right progression of the whole image a tad bit larger for a fuller effect.

Camelback at Dusk
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