Every time I visit San Antonio and have the opportunity to, I always make a point to visit the Alamo. Aside from the remains of the structure itself, I’ve always been fascinated by the monument across from the it (the Alamo Cenotaph, as it’s known). According to the San Antonio Ghost Tours, it’s one of the only monuments in the nation that features a spirit or ghost (and prominently, at that). The front of the monument features what appears to be a ghostly figure rising from the fire (the “Spirit of Sacrifice”).

On the other side is a sculpture of a woman (who I misinterpreted to be an angel) who is supposed to symbolize the state of Texas.

This photo is part of a larger piece I’m working on that features shots of both sides of the monument. The sides feature relief sculptures of the key players in the battle and is really something to see if you’ve never been to the site.

Remember the Alamo
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The Spirit Triptych
The Spirit Triptych