L’Aquàrium de Barcelona was our last stop on the great Spain trip. It took about 30 seconds to fully explain to the cab driver where we wanted to go. Apparently, aquarium is pronounced ah-KWAR-ee-oom in Catalonian (though, it seems like uh-kware-e-yum would be close enough). And after all that, it was pretty much around the corner from where we were (but it was nice to get out of the sun for awhile after walking around Montjuïc Castell.

The aquarium is tauted as the largest in Europe, though I can’t vouch for that, as it’s the first aquarium I’ve been to in Europe. It was pretty impressive, though, with an entire glass tunnel section complete with moving walkway. There were sharks, stingrays, and all manner of fish about, and they even had a small penguin habitat! It was a great way to tie up the trip and a good way to beat the heat before starting back to the hotel.