Life is an interesting journey. I spent most of my youth waiting for something: to get older, to get my drivers license, to get wiser, whatever. Now, more often than not, I find myself wanting to reach back to that younger me and say, “Hey, slow down. Enjoy it while you can.”

Those times go by way too fast and there’s really no way to get them back. So what options do we have to hold on to these youthful feelings as we age ever-so-gracefully? Staying young in mind (as cliche as it may sound) actually does wonders in my opinion. Of course, embracing such a youthful mindset can often veer dangerously into immaturity (which is a fine line I have yet to identify well enough to avoid completely).

And then there’s sharing your youthful ambitions and indulgences with others. I find a lot of my more creative photography often falls into this category. As much as I constantly say, “I want to convey beauty with my art and blah, blah, blah,” I’m really a dork at heart and some of my more fanciful works reflect this simple fact. So maybe reaching back is as easy as embracing the parts of you that have endured since your youth (no matter how potentially embarrassing they may be).

And maybe now I’m just rambling and should stop. ; )

Impossible journey
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