Poseidon’s what? Apparently, Poseidon’s pretty upset about something. Probably because someone knocked down his statue and destroyed his temple. Either that or he just caught the season four premiere of Warehouse 13 and was a little let down.

Either way, you might not expect to come across ancient Greek ruins of a temple dedicated to an Olympian deity in Florida, but that just shows how much you know. Universal Studios Orlando’s Islands of Adventure is home to a wide variety of attractions, and a Mediterranean-themed village is one of those. This was a ride called Poseidon’s Fury which Universal’s website hails as an “explosive undersea adventure through the darkened ruins of the ancient Temple of Poseidon.” I wouldn’t know because we skipped the line and walked halfway through it just to be confounded by an hour wait time. Oh well. I’m sure it was a blast…

Poseidon's Fury
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