At Max’s urgings, I went back and looked at these long-exposures that I took while we were hanging out on the dock at Buffalo Springs Lake earlier this month. I’m actually a little surprised they turned out pretty good. Usually, my D90 doesn’t like extreme low light or long exposures too much, but the noise and color distortion is rather minimal in these.

I especially love the way the reflection of the moon ended up looking like wisps of smoke in the first shot. It could have rendered the moon better (it looks a bit like the sun as it is), but overall the light play is pretty neat. I also love how the stars show up in the third pic. They’re just little dots, but it looks cool. I also threw in a self-portrait at the end when I was just messing around.

Buffalo Springs Lake Dock - 1

Buffalo Springs Lake Dock - 2

Buffalo Springs Lake Dock - 3

Buffalo Springs Lake Dock Self Portrait