March 30, 2013

Good morning Columbus

Yeah, I guess that’s technically where I was. Last weekend was camping with the boys out near Fayettville and Columbus, TX. A friend of a friend of a brother’s fiance’s uncle’s brother’s family owns some land out there, so we packed up (or other people did) and we headed out for a raucous weekend full of shooting, grilling, bonding, and (unfortunately) getting Loko’d.Read More

May 12, 2012

Skies Over Roswell, NM

Overall, Roswell was pretty disappointing. Being a big alien geek, I was expecting so much more from the way it’s depicted in movies and TV shows. It had a handful of neat alien-themed gift shops, a rather lackluster UFO museum, but that was about it.

They did, however, have a pretty nice courthouse (which is right behind me in this photo). The sun was setting and the storm clouds gathering, so I set up the tripod and started snapping away at the courthouse. If I hadn’t turned around when I did, I would have missed the sunset completely.Read More