cable car

July 12, 2012

Cable Car from Montjuïc

After checking out Montjuïc Castell, we needed to high-tail it back down to la Barceloneta area if we wanted to have time to visit the aquarium. Traveling down from Montjuïc by cable car was the quickest way down the hill back to the seaside, so we packed in and held on! It was pretty wild and definitely afforded us some unique views of the harbor.Read More

July 10, 2012

Montjuïc Castell

The castle atop Montjuïc was one of the last destinations we visited on our trip to Barcelona, Spain. Though Montjuïc Castell was only a small taste of what the Montjuïc area had to offer (there are supposedly some amazing gardens, the magic fountain, and the national palace, as well), we also wanted to fit in a trip to the aquarium (pronounced ah-kwer-ee-oom; we had a hell of a time trying to explain to the cab driver where we wanted to go).Read More