March 5, 2015

Behind the Scenes – The Ice Queen

It’s been pretty cold up here for the past few weeks. Like really, really cold. Finally all the ice seems to be melting (only to snow all over again).

So what’s up with all this late winter??? Oh well, not going to complain too much because it’s given me a chance to do a winter-themed composite piece using a lot of the icy remnants. So here’s a little behind the scenes look at my recent composite work, aptly titled The Ice Queen.Read More

August 16, 2012

Flowers For My Mom

It’s been a few days since my last post (gasp, three whole days!!!), which I can only assume is from laziness (though, I have been pretty busy lately).

But today is a new day and I’m back in business. Been working on a lot of non-HDR photos recently. I feel like I’ve been pigeonholing myself with the HDR stuff, but what can I say? I love HDR and have been struggling with my technique ever since I started. It’s great fun and never ceases to give me new and surprising results each time.Read More