It’s that time of the year again, when the dead rise from their graves to plague mankind with their insatiable hunger for brrrrrrraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnssssssss!

At least, that’s what the founders of Zombie Walk Houston are going for on this, their fourth annual walk of the undead. This year’s walk was to benefit a great charity, the no-kill animal shelter Friends For Life.

She used to be such a good girl until she fell in with the bad crowd. Now she’s just so… undead.
I have to say that, despite being relegated to walking on the sidewalks of Westheimer, the zombie invasion was a blast (and a complete success for the charity, to boot!). I’m horrible at quantifying large masses of people (I never won those raffles where you had to guess how many whatevers were in the jar), but I’d wager there were more than two hundred people at the event, all decked out in their best zombie attire.

When good delivery guys go undead.
The clear winner of the night? The Zombie FedEx guy.

Zombie FedEd. When it absolutely, positively, has to brains there by brains,

And now on to the photos!