Wednesday has always held a special place in my heart as the one day out of the week that I can never decide if I like or hate. Monday is easy. Monday blows. Tuesday is just kinda there (same with Thursday where your energy starts to wane in direct correlation with your growing excitement about the impending weekend). Friday goes without saying.

So Wednesday is where it really comes down to the whole glass-half-full vs glass-half-empty debate. And that really depends a lot on how my week is going, what’s in the cards for the weekend, what I had for breakfast, etc., etc.

That being said, Wednesday is also Batman-Coffee-Mug Day, which carries its own conundrums. On the one hand, it’s a freakin’ Batman mug, so… Wednesday is instantly more awesomed.  On the other, however, it doesn’t carry the same volume of coffee as my usual mug, so… less coffee equals less awesome. *Sigh*

But it’s BATMAN, so… I guess that tips the scales towards Wednesday being more awesome than not.

Anyway, this is about as serious as I feel right now.

Look into my eye…


Yes, I am a huge dork.