I didn’t expect to run into the Arc de Triomf while walking through Spain (shows how worldly I am), as I always thought the one in Paris was the Arc de Triomphe. Oh well, we live and learn. The Barcelona Arc was built more than 80 years after construction began on the Paris Arc, and is a completely unique piece of architecture.

Though it was on our itinerary, we ran into it on accident while searching for the Museu de la Xocolata. It stands on the Northwestern-most edge of the Parque de la Ciutadella. If you’re one for hanging out and playing cards or bocce ball, the promenade leading from the park to the arch is festooned with people killing time, riding skateboards, walking dogs (or letting their dogs walk them rather), or just making out under the streetlamps.

Arc de Triomf - Barcelona, Spain
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