July 3, 2012

Arc de Triomf

I didn’t expect to run into the Arc de Triomf while walking through Spain (shows how worldly I am), as I always thought the one in Paris was the Arc de Triomphe. Oh well, we live and learn. The Barcelona Arc was built more than 80 years after construction began on the Paris Arc, and is a completely unique piece of architecture.Read More

January 16, 2012

Photo of the day

So I’ve recently started taking Trey Ratcliff’sHDR Tutorial and have been itching to get out and take some photos. We’ve been having some gnarly weather here between the cold and the extreme winds, but I braved the elements this evening to venture out and snap some shots of the technology building across the street. Keeping the camera/tripod stable was a challenge, but I think the results turned out quite good.Read More