It was a great weekend filled with wine, hamburgers, an abundance of sunshine, and numerous visits from the local swallows that have taken up residence in our complex.

We started off the weekend with a bang by attending the Burgers Meet Ham•Burgundy event at CapRock Winery. There we met the self-proclaimed Hambassador, Rick Vanderpool. The burgers were great and the wine, though not my favorite, definitely paired well with the main course (especially the Tempranillo). I still prefer their Dry Grenache Rose for sittin’ and sippin’ though!

We hung out for awhile and took a few shots at the winery before moving on to more sunshine back home. Turns out a family of swallows has invaded our complex and they like nothing more than teasing the cats by landing on our patio. Fortunately for me, they’re not very shy!

So, a few walks outside with the dog here, a few bike rides there, and a picnic out near the grill and boom, the weekend’s over. Back to the grind!


Here are a few random shots from the day. Two from Caprock and a few from my patio…