To the women in my life,
my child,
my wife

gave me no better advice

Than to love and to respect,

Be kind,
be true,
in this don’t ever relent

And what my brother has shown:

Live well,
love full,
no regrets and no unknowns

So I’ll be, through darkest night,
your home,
your light

My child,
my wife,
the everything in my life.

I’m no poet (but I play one on teevee). ; )

It’s hard to believe that five months have passed since Myka joined our little family, but oh, how the time does fly. In that time, we’ve had to say goodbye to our cat Simone, who had been with me for nearly ten years. We miss her slinking about the house avoiding the dog. We miss her temper and her late-blossoming tendency to be the greatest lap cat ever.

We’ve said hello to new opportunities, started new adventures, and made new friends. We’ve entered into an entirely new world, and (thankfully) we’ll never be the same again. We’ve gone on trips together and alone. We’ve had good nights and great nights, nights with little sleep and nights that refuse to end.

We’ve had high emotions and low emotions, and we’ve bested them all. This is only the beginning, but it’s a beginning we’ll see through to the end (and to the next beginning after that).

Five months down, our entire lives to go.

Let’s go.

Myka and Me (Five Months)
Myka and Me (Five Months)