So much preparation has been done over the last nine months that now, at the brink of a new chapter in our lives, it seems like only weeks ago that we started this journey.

So what new adventures await us? Who will she be? Who will we become because of her? Only time will reveal the answers to these questions and more. So we will wait patiently (or not so patiently, as it seems). We pass the time with walks and picnics, movies and games, friends and family.

I’ve developed a pain in my jaw from the anxiety (either that or a weevil is burrowing through my teeth). Probably from clenching my teeth in the middle of the night. “Stock up on sleep,” they say. Pfft, not likely. How the hell do you stock up on sleep? Lately, I’ve found it hard enough just to sleep through the night, let alone create some sort of mythical stockpile of magic sleep dust. Mr. Sandman must be taking a break. How exactly does one stock up on sleep, I’d like to know. Candy canes, sure. But sleep? Seems like something I’ll say in jest to the next guy who says he’s about to have a kid. “What, you’re not going to get any sleep for the next four years? Hmm, guess you’d better stock up on your sleep now!” Har har har.

So we go day-to-day, doing what we can. Taking care of ourselves the best we can as we wait for her arrival. Hopefully then, despite being in a position to get even less sleep, this anxious limbo will be at an end (for my jaw’s sake, at the very least). I feel like it’d more accurate for people to say, “Maybe don’t stock up on sleep, just get used to not sleeping now while you have time to practice.” It’s going to be a fun game balancing baby with keeping up the house, keeping up my family, and keeping up my job (not to mention my sanity). Not necessarily in that order, of course. I just want to be a good father (while maintaining my stature as good husband, good person, good employee, etc.). Lofty ambition? We’ll see.

What will she look like? Who will she take after more? So many questions swirling about and no one to answer them but time.

Bags are packed. Car is stocked. Ready to roll. C’mon kid, let’s do this.

Let's do this, Myka.
Let’s do this.